Time wents by so fast... Since lack of time and lack of private projects I'll not update this page any longer. I'll keep this page up though, because there's still some traffic going here especially for Shiva Screensaver.

avencast released!
Avencast is in stocks now! Come and grab you copy or just check out the demo at the Avencast page.

rtx export info
From now on rtx is no longer maintained by me but by the guys of clockstone/avencast.
Read more on the » rtx export page...
Fiver v1.0 released
a new version of the puzzle game » fiver is available for download now.
because there are really persons out there who manage to solve this game up to the 12x12 size, now this version allows to select sizes up to 30x30!
http://www.furiae.com/ http://www.againsttcpa.com/ http://modblog.bmezine.com/